UCLA grad and esteemed psychiatrist Monissa Solberg

February 18, 2020
Monissa Solberg

Monissa Solberg began her esteemed psychiatric career within the hallways of the University of California, Los Angeles. At the UCLA medical school, she studied toward her doctorate and practice within the field. She completed her residency training there with a focus on adult psychiatry, then applied this to the greater Los Angeles community through hands-on opportunities with underserved area populations. Solberg graduated from the famed institution following application of her clinical knowledge to veterans, academia, community members at area medical centers and incarcerated individuals dealing with mental illness.

Monissa Solberg grew to become a board certified psychiatrist, published academic author and knowledgeable presenter within her chosen field. She not only works directly with patients on mental health areas such as schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders and other disorders, but she researches these topics extensively to share information with others via papers and discussion at national psychiatric meetings.